Viagem a Berlim

por Pedro Sousa em 31 de Maio de 2008

em Estado de Espírito

Tive a felicidade de, por motivos profissionais, ter passado 4 dias em Berlim. Nos períodos livres deu para visitar alguns locais. O que mais me impressionou foi a “Sala do Silêncio” (Room of Silence), nas Portas de Brandenburg. Não pela sala em si, mas pelo conceito que ela tenta transmitir:

«[...]the Room of Silence has a dual Purpose: Firstly it provides an opportunity for everyone, independent of backgroud, colour, ideology, religion and physical condition to enter and remain in silence for a while to simply relax, to gain strength for the daily life, or to remember inside this historic place the dark but also hopeful events, to meditate and to feel gratitude for the achievements of recent years.  [...] This room is a symbol, a continuous invitation to tolerance, the brotherhood of man embracing all nationalities and ideologies, a continuous reminder against violence and xenophobia – a contibution, a small step towards peace and spiritual unity, according to the prayer of the United Nations:

Oh Lord, our planet Earth is only a small star in space. It is our duty to transform it into a planet whose creatures are no longer tormented by war, hunger and fear, no longer senselessly divided by race, colour and ideology. GIve us courage and strength to begin this task today so that our children and children’s children shall on day carry the name of “Man” with pride“»